What Are Pathology Services?

There are many different departments in pathology. They each play an important role in the health system. Many of the pathology labs are set up to specialize in the service that they offer.


There are pathology labs that are totally dedicated to research. The work that goes on here is often dedicated to finding cures for diseases. What they do is important for future health care. One of their areas of research is trying to understand diseases better. By doing this it may help them find what is going to be effective to fight and eradicate them.


It is not uncommon for many people to have various forms of medical testing. Sometimes patients that have had biopsies done will be told that they are waiting for the pathology reports. It means that the specific sample has been sent to the pathology lab. The pathologists that work here will examine that tissue. They will look for any abnormalities that may be present in it. In many cases, they are looking for signs of cancer in the specimen. If they detect this then there is a lot of information they can provide about the cancer. They may be able to determine the type it is. Also, perhaps how aggressive it is. This type of information is vital for treating the patient who provided the sample.

Pathology Lab Categories

All too often there are many different departments in medicine that work behind the scenes. The general public is not aware of how vital they are to the medical industry. These pathology labs are divided off into different categories of pathology. For example, there can be anatomical pathologies and within this category are many subcategories.

it takes a great deal of money to keep the pathology labs operating. But it is money well spent when one looks at the services they provide.