Careers in Pathology

Some may think that the only careers available in the field of pathology are those that pertain to doctors and researchers. There are other positions available in this important industry. Most of which require some extensive training and education.


Individuals that choose this as a career will be responsible for the drawing of blood from individuals who require blood tests. Specific training is required for this. Usually, there are positions open for this in private doctors office, hospitals and some public labs.


There are many instances where blood samples and other types of human samples have to be transported between labs. They may have to be taken from the location where they were obtained to the facility where they will be analysed. This creates the need for couriers. These are usually individuals who are hired specifically for this task. This kind of task is not normally given out to standard courier companies.


These individuals have the important tasks of preparing samples for the pathologist to examine.


The field of pathology requires many different levels of expertise. Many of these require the education that includes a doctorate. There are a lot of people that want to enter into the field of medicine, but not in the traditional sense of dealing directly with patients. They are more interested in working beyond the public eye. These are the doctors that want to work in the pathology labs. Then within this, they may choose to specialise in a specific field of pathology.

Medical Microbiology and Virology

Those doctors that enter into a pathology career dedicated to this area focus on the prevention as well as treatment of infection. Applicable to hospitals and the public. Those who have specialised in this field often end up in a supervisory position over the workings of the lab.

This shows an example of the wide range of different careers that can take place in the pathology field of medicine.