The World of Pathology

This website is dedicated to those who want to learn more about the different fields of pathology. It is an interesting topic. It is also a subject tha is very important to everyone as it concerns medicine. What many don’t realise is that at some point in time they have dealt with a pathology lab. Maybe not directly but most likely indirectly. For this reason, it is important to know what role pathology takes on in the medical industry.

Pathology And the Public

Some of the information here relates to the types of services that are provided by pathologists and those that work in the pathology field of medicine. Then there is info here about the different fields of pathology and what role they take on. Also, how it affects the lives of others.

Pathology Responsibilities

Those in the field of pathology have different responsibilities. There is the medical side of it. Also, there is the administrative side. Which is important for the functioning of the pathology labs. Included here is the task of keeping data safe that is created in the pathology lab. There are some great tips here on how pathology labs can go about this.

A Career in Pathology

Some individuals find pathology to be such an intriguing subject that they want to become part of it. We have recognized this and have provided some introductory information as to how that can be possible.

This site welcomes both those who are interested in pathology, as well as those that are already involved in it. It takes a basic approach to this complex field of medicine so it can be better understood.